The Top Vape Flavors of 2018

2018 has been a relatively great year so far for vapers worldwide because of the various new flavors and brands coming up in the market. Finding the best vape flavor is a long never-ending quest filled with amazing flavors from devilishly sweet ones, mouth-watering fruits, cereal-inspired, to cocktail flavors. Vape flavors are subjective and saying that a specific one is the best is not accurate. This is because what might taste great to you won’t be as good to someone else. To make it easier to choose, here is a list of different vape flavors of 2018.


1. Coney Cake by Liquid State Vapors


Coney Cake is a delightful funnel cake treat. It is an accurate and pleasing recreation for your summer time. It has a sugary, doughy base, puffy with highlights of sweet powdered sugar. The twist, however, is topped with a massive scoop of vanilla ice cream. It finishes off with medley berries, giving it a genuinely refined flavor profile. Most of the best vape flavors in the market are those that capture the essence of some other treat that people enjoy. Coney Cake does just that. Moreover, you won’t get bored puffing on it as there are various tastes to enjoy.


2. Long’s Peak by Highlander


Long’s Peak has a warm sensation with a sweet flavor that has a comfortable, syrupy and cinnamon flavor. To soften the strong yet pleasant cinnamon taste, the juice has a light marshmallow finish when you exhale. The cinnamon flavor is very present and bold, making it one of the mildest vape juice flavors in this list. You can puff it all day without having any aftertaste. Highlander’s discovery of pairing cinnamon and marshmallow, a rare flavor combination is just genius, as they complement each other impeccably. This uniqueness has made it among the best vape flavors.


3. Milk and Honey by Cosmic Fog


This simple yet truly satisfying blend has grown to become the best flavor by Cosmic Fog. The milk and honey are mixed in accurately right amounts. The milky and creamy taste you get when inhaling is highlighted with tints of marshmallow, with pure honey, making it sweet and satisfying. This flavor is among the lightest blends with a creamy, silky and puffy mouthfeel that won’t leave your mouth overly saturated. This flavor will leave you wanting to vape all day.


All in all, there are so many vape flavors in the market. The best you can do to find the best one for yourself is to keep trying as recommendations from other people who vape can be invaluable especially if you don’t have similar tastes. It is essential to find the right flavors and keep your family safe while you vape.

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