Shipping a Classic Car: Extra Safety Measures To Take

Classic cars are an investment is several different ways. First and foremost, owners either have to invest money to purchase or restore a classic car. Furthermore, it costs a lot of money to maintain an older vehicle as all of the parts are outdated. This constant investment leads many owners to take great care of their vehicles. When shipping a classic car abroad, extra care should be taken to ensure the vehicle arrives safely. Here are a few safety measures to consider when shipping a classic car.

1. Find a reputable company. 

Shipping a classic car is no easy process. There are a lot of specifics and details that must be followed in order to ensure everything goes smoothly. Shippers face many unique challenges when moving a vehicle. The weight, awkward size and mobility of cars can make the shipping process more difficult. When shipping your vehicle, it is critical to find a reputable company. Finding someone capable of moving a car isn’t enough. You should do enough research online and through phone calls to find a company that comes highly recommended, has years of experience and has the necessary qualifications. In addition to finding a reputable company, it is also critical to find one with the tools necessary to transports a classic vehicle.

2. Buy shipping insurance. 

Insurance helps to protect individuals from events outside of their control. Unfortunately, many people aren’t away of the several forms of insurance available. When shipping a classic car, it is important to insure the vehicle throughout the entire process. It is recommendable to talk to a lawyer or insurance agent to determine what kind of coverage is sufficient. There may be more than one type of insurance needed to make sure your classic car is covered during the entire shipping process. While some shipping companies will offer insurance policies, it is a good idea to check with third party providers before making a decision.

3. Meet the manager or employees. 

The people in charge of shipping cars have become so used to the process that not much extra attention is given. This isn’t to say that shippers don’t care about items they are transporting. Instead, it is meant to illustrate how the repetition of moving classic cars will lead any individual to be more weary about the entire process. One advantage to this is that experienced drivers are less anxious and more confident in their ability. When you’re shipping a classic car, it is important to meet the driver if possible. Not only does this help give you some peace of mind, but it also helps the driver to match a face to the vehicle that is in his or her care. They may be more careful after having a face-to-face interaction with the owner.

These safety measures should be taken whenever shipping a classic car. While accidents are rare, it is always important to be prepared for the worst.

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