How To Save Money on Health and Beauty Aids

It’s not easy saving a buck these days unless you use a little imagination and common sense. When it comes to favorite health and beauty aids, those dollars add up fast, especially if the brands are expensive ones. There are clever ways to keep that hard-earned cash in your pocketbook and maintain your health and wellness vibe.

1. Get Coupon Creative. Do it the old-fashioned way, and search the circulars for coupons for items during sales. Keep track of the drugstores you shop at, and wait for the discounts to roll in. When you see the toiletries you like, then act fast. Also, buy in bulk when there’s a sale. When you spot a Buy One, Get One Free kind of deal happening, take advantage and stock up.

If there’s a rewards card offered, always sign up, and reap the benefits when your points add up.

2. Dollar Store Heaven. Maybe your friends would never shop at a dollar store, but they’re missing out. You can score decent items forĀ only one dollar each, and brand names can be found in these “off the beaten path” kind of places.

For instance, dollar stores offer lots of nail polish shades to choose from, several shampoos and conditioners, body washes, combs, brushes and clips, etc. If you’re in a pinch and trying to save cash, check out dollar stores for replacement items.

3. Every Nook And Cranny. Don’t laugh, but if you really enjoy using a certain cosmetic, and it’s running out fast, try this. Learn to use up every tiny amount left in a tube or jar to get the most mileage out of it. Don’t toss away makeup that still has life to it.

Carefully cut out the bottom of a tube, andĀ scrape out the remainder. You’d be surprised how much moisturizer is left in the container, for example.

4. Shopping Bag Left Overnight. Give this one a go, and you could end up with an excellent discount. When it comes to shopping for health and beauty aids online, order the stuff you need, and then, let them sit there overnight. In other words, do not click on pay.

Often, the company will email you a little reminder about the items you have left in your shopping bag and create an incentive. The website may offer you a discount to finish your shopping or even add a cool freebie to the bag.

This is just scratching the surface, ladies. There are tons of ways to save some cash on those must-have health and beauty aids. Use your imagination, keep track of the products you like, and watch those sale days both online and in-store.

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