How to Protect Your Grass During the Winter

Lawn maintenance is an essential activity that every homeowner should observe during the winter. When temperatures fall, many people forget to take care of the grass on their compounds, which ends up damaging their lawns. It is advisable to take care of your yard before the cold season commences to avoid damages and to maintain the attractiveness of your home. Additionally, you should note that the maintenance of a damaged lawn and grass can be a costly process. Below are crucial tips for the protection of your grass during the winter.
Fertilize Your Yard
At the early stages of winter or late fall, you should fertilize your lawn to keep the grass healthy. Fertilizing the lawn is an essential activity that will replace the lost nutrients and secure your yard throughout the cold season. When the winter season commences, the roots will remain strong because they will continue feeding on the nutrients. Once the cold season is over, the grass will sprout and continue beautifying your compound.
Remove Broken Branches and Debris
Before the cold season commences, you should remove broken branches and debris from your yard. If you leave them on the lawn, they will damage your grass. They can also cause injuries to your family members when moving around the compound during the winter. You should not overlook lawn furniture and toys on the yard. If you do not remove these objects from your compound, they will leave dead spots due to their weight.
Control Weeds
One of the perfect ways to protect your grass during winter is to control weeds. Weeds are harmful to your grass because they consume most of the nutrients. Therefore, after fertilizing your lawn, they will feed on the nutrients and leave your grass unhealthy. You should eliminate all the perennial broadleaf weeds, including creeping charlie, clover, dandelions, and plantain. If you want to eradicate the weeds from your lawn, you should spot-treat them with the most efficient herbicide.
You should not stop mowing your compound until you realize that the grass is growing slowly. You should not allow your grass to grow extremely taller than usual. You should trim it to keep away mice and other parasites. If you leave it unattended and these small animals die there, they may leave dead spots that can damage your grass. Moreover, until the temperatures become cold, you should continue irrigating your lawn. You should perform the activity during the fall to keep the grass healthy when winter commences.
Therefore, if you perform these activities well, your grass will stay healthy even after the cold weather. If you are held up at the workplace for long hours, you can hire a reliable company to offer you lawn maintenance services. You can get recommendations from friends and workmates to choose the best firm.

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