How to Properly Clean Outdoor Umbrellas

Summer is now just around the corner, which means you and your family are enjoying more time outdoors. Whether you are spending more time in your backyard or patio, if you use outdoor umbrellas, you know how dirty they can quickly become. As a result, you will want to clean them regularly. Here is how to clean your outdoor umbrellas.

Aim for Monthly Cleaning

First of all, you should aim to clean your outdoor umbrellas at least monthly while you’re using them. If you have one situated beneath a tree or other tall plant that drops leaves or other debris, you may need to clean it even more often. Make sure to move your umbrellas to shady areas before cleaning.

Remove Dirt

Use a brush or vacuum cleaner to remove loose dirt from your umbrellas. If there are any stubborn dirt stains present, you can use a brush with soft bristles to prevent it from penetrating the fabric.

Wash with Mild Cleanser

Use a mixture of mild laundry detergent and warm water or a mild cleanser specifically meant to clean multiple types of surfaces to scrub the umbrella’s fabric. Use a soft bristle brush and make circular motions while scrubbing. Leave the solution or cleanser to soak for 15 or 20 minutes for especially stubborn stains.

Remove the Soap

After the 15 to 20 minutes has passed, use your hose to rinse away all of the soap residue from your umbrella. Make sure to get every last bit of suds as soap residue can attract more dirt stains.

Removing More Stubborn Stains

If your outdoor umbrellas have particularly stubborn stains like tree sap or mildew, you can use the same steps as above but need a stronger cleaning solution. Mix a cup of chlorine bleach with a quarter cup of mild laundry detergent and a gallon of warm water. Wear rubber gloves before scrubbing the solution on the fabric with a soft bristle brush.

Like with regular dirt stains, you will want to leave your umbrella to sit for a few minutes before rinsing it. Aim for 10 minutes before rinsing it with your hose.

Cleaning a Wooden Frame

If your outdoor umbrella has a wooden frame, you should ensure that you know from the manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly clean it. Still, generally speaking, you should safely be able to use a combination of mild dishwashing liquid with water and clean it with a cloth. When you’re done, you can allow it to sit to dry.

Cleaning an Aluminum Frame

For umbrellas with aluminum frames, you can use the same steps as for cleaning those with wooden frames. However, if there are water spots or calcium buildup stains, you can use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean those away. Spray the combination onto a clean sponge or cloth and wipe down the frame. Use another cloth dipped in water to rinse.

These steps will allow you to keep your outdoor umbrellas clean. They will look as good as new afterward.

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