How to Pick The Best Redwood Seating for Your Garden

Redwood furniture is extremely durable and can tolerate outdoor conditions. Even better, this lumber is quite easy to work with and unlikely to split, warp or twist over time. However, redwood lumber can be quite expensive, so make sure that you have your redwood seating assembled or built by a skilled professional.

Long Term Benefits of Redwood

Redwood is indeed a rust-red color in its natural state. Once harvested and cut, it will change over time and may grey out depending on the amount of sun exposure. This tree is grown in the Pacific Northwest and thrives in the wet, cool weather commonly found there.

Handle Redwood With Care

Whether you’re interested in building your own furniture, purchasing a kit or plan to buy the pieces fully assembled, take care to purchase any item made of redwood from a skilled carpenter or furniture builder. This lumber is quite expensive. However, it requires little weather protection once the piece is assembled. Of course, you may choose to preserve it with a moisture protectant or a water sealing stain.

Use Redwood For Larger Pieces

Redwood lumber is most commonly cut into heavy and fairly large pieces of lumber. You can often find it in 2×4 or 5/4 boards. Thus, it works best as a bench seat or a large armchair. If you’re interested in lighter weight lumber such as to be placed around a dining room table, consider a lumber with a bit more weather resistance, such as teak.

Redwood Needs Protection From the Elements

While redwood is extremely rot resistant, if you’re going to be using it for seating you will need to protect the lumber. Over time, redwood and other moisture loving lumbers such as cedar will dry. Individual pieces may crack from over exposure to sunlight, and the wood may splinter, making your furniture dangerous and uncomfortable.

Cleaning Redwood Furniture

Once the pieces are protected from sun exposure and water, you can clean them with a gentle detergent and plenty of water. For furniture that has been stained with or grease from the grill, consider mixing tr sodium phosphate and water to clean away the discoloration. Once it’s clean, consider sealing the wood against the elements.

Redwood furniture is an excellent investment for your patio. With a yearly scrubbing and an application of redwood sealant against the element, you and your guests can enjoy a well-appointed patio.

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