Our primary focus is to cover those businesses that care about the environment and the people in general. There are many giant corporations that parasite on the body of the world, but fortunately, there are some businesses that care more.

We want to prove that capitalism is not just about profit, some put the social needs first. In fact, there are many business owners who don’t just donate or start another side project to help the world, but their main goal is to make the world a better place by collaborating with science and using the latest eco ideas and advancements. And you will find those in our directory.

Examples of Businesses Which Put Social and Eco Needs First

  • Kulera
    This organization helps the poorest nation in the world to start breaking free from poverty and provides it with opportunities.
  • Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
    This is an Indian program that aims to eliminate pollution and organize a proper waste disposal system. The company also wants to invest in installing bio-toilets and tries to educate people on disposing of their waste in a correct way. Before Swachh Bharat Abhiyan appeared, the situation in India was dreadful.
  • This company cares about providing people and other businesses with alternative fuel sources. It mainly works with wood, transforming fiber into pallets, that are more expensive, and then creates residual fuel. Wood pallets can drastically reduce monthly energy consumption.
  • If you wanted to power up your home with the alternative energy, you might want to consider Bergey wind turbines. The company helps people cut their energy costs or lower it to a minimum and work with wind energy, which is much cheaper and clearer.
  • This is an amazing empowering project for nurses in South Africa. It works to improve healthcare and medical services in South Africa and allow nurses to work better with their patients.
  • Another Indian incentive is here to promote clean and green living and organize human rights lectures, sanitation programs and create schools and educational programs for everyone.
  • Code World Club.
    It’s not just coding, it’s an opportunity for children all over the world, in 130 countries to get their chance to try free education. It works hard to empower girls to try something else and break free from the patriarchal society.
  • This project helps gather data on radiation pollution in endangered sites. It operates drones that collect data and help scientists take the precautions needed if necessary.
  • China Mobile.
    This agricultural project helps farmers in distant Chinese regions cooperate and come together to gather crops that would rot and become wasted otherwise. It also helps people to find other business and consumers in different regions.
  • Clean water ATM.
    A small Indian startup that is really changing the nation now. A few people before had a chance to get clean water, which led to poor healthcare and infection bursts here and there. ATM’s sell clean water (carefully purified) at low prices.

As you can see, there are plenty of incentives that try to help. Those businesses manage to earn money, invest, make some profit and turn it into social and ecological change. As many big media companies predict, this is the only way for businesses to survive in the world. Caring about the environment and the people is not a choice, it’s an obligation now.