Benefits of New VS. Once Fired Brass

People who love their guns are always searching for new ways to improve their weapons and their storage of ammunition. If you love to shoot on a regular basis, you know that the cost of ammo can start to add up. One way that many enthusiasts are saving money is by purchasing once fired brass for their cartridges instead of always buying new. There are a variety of uses and benefits to using once fired brass. Below are some of the top benefits to purchasing once fired brass ammunition for your cartridge shells instead of brand new ones.

Save Money

One of the biggest benefits of replenishing your ammo supply with once fired brass is that you can save a lot of money. The cost of owning, maintaining and supplying ammo for your weapons can add up quickly. If you add on top of that the cost of licensing and range fees, the cost goes up even more. One of the easiest and best ways to cut some of the costs of your gun ownership is by using once fired brass. Doing this will save you a lot of money because reusing them is much more affordable. Plus, you will be helping to clean up the range by picking up lots of unused casings.

Customized Loads

The ability to be able to customize your loads can effectively change the way you intend to shoot at the range. It can also help you determine what ammunition you are going to take with you when you go hunting as well. This is different compared to when you are just shooting for sport. If you have to rely on what your local gun store has for your weapon, you might not be able to get the ammunition you want or need for your next hunting trip or visit to the range.

Buying New Brass

There are not as many benefits to purchasing new brass over once fired brass shell casings. For most instances, the benefits for new brass only pertain to when you are looking for ammo that is hard to find. Specialty ammo is not easy to find just anywhere. It usually needs to be ordered specially from your local ammo store or online from a gun and ammo website. Also, for gun enthusiasts who shoot for competition, the accuracy for target shooting is more precise. However, many who love the once fired brass shells will argue that the accuracy is just as good as new casings.

The choice to choose either new or once fired brass is a personal decision. The most important thing to remember is safety and doing what makes you enjoy the experience the most. Brass is one of the more common types of shell casings that gun enthusiasts use.

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