The world around us is changing rapidly and drastically and it’s the most inspiring thing for us. Our blog is dedicated to those amazing projects, people and startups all over the world that are here to improve the quality of life and save our planet.

We believe that friendly collaboration without borders is the thing that keeps the world spinning. Our mission is to spread awareness about the most important issues (social, ecological, economical) around the world and showcase how those can be solved if business and science come together.

For us, capitalism and improvement are not polar things, if they go hand in hand, we can see a brighter tomorrow. Our blog and the team are highly optimistic about the majority of those projects and programs. We do not advertise any business, rather we want more people to know that together we can make anything possible.

We believe that awareness is a big tool and who knows, maybe if you are more familiar with the life conditions somewhere in Africa as well as those people who try to curb them, the world will see more effort and more activists.

If you’re just simply interested in scientific projects and startups, you’ve come to the right place. Science is the juice that helps us run and we believe in endless possibilities of progress. If science is not stopped by the issue of financing and the issue of borders, it can do so much more for our greater good.

We cover those startups from all over the world, so you can enjoy your news from the USA, Europe, India or even some kind of island. We try to choose only the most interesting and significant projects that will be exciting for you. We also work with future projects and publish insights and information on them. It’s really important for us to provide you with the full coverage, so to speak.

Together, we can do so much more, so join us in the quest of saving the planet and the mankind.