9 Tips For Caring For An Aging Loved One

Nearly 12 million individuals are caring for an aged loved one who is having physical or cognitive difficulties. Some elderly individuals have multiple health problems, but they are not ready to transition to an assisted living environment. Here are nine tips to help you care for an aged loved one.

Tip 1: Communicate With the Senior Citizen 

Don’t assume that you know what type of care that a senior citizen wants. The individual may want to remain in her own home rather than moving to a nursing home. Rather than living alone, she might want to hire a live-in caregiver, or alternatively, she might want to have a part-time caregiver.

Tip 2: Talk To the Senior Citizen’s Physicians 

You should talk to the senior citizen’s physicians to learn more about the individual’s health conditions. By understanding the types of therapies and medications that are required, a senior citizen’s condition might improve.

Tip 3: Ensure That the Senior Citizen Is As Independent As Possible

Instead of doing everything for the senior citizen, encourage the individual to remain as independent as possible. To help an elderly individual stay independent, you may need to buy assistive devices such as walking canes or shower chairs.

Tip 4: Create a Safe Environment 

Walk through a senior citizen’s home to create a safe environment. Some of the important issues include having enough lighting, installing handrails in bathrooms and removing clutter from the floors to prevent falls.

Tip 5: Learn More About the Senior Citizen’s Finances 

If you are a relative, then you will need to learn more about the senior citizen’s finances. The aged individual might have money to pay for a professional caregiver, or she may qualify for assistance from government programs.

Tip 6: Keep the Senior Citizen Active 

It is important for a senior citizen to remain active as much as possible. Daily exercise can keep the individual in better condition to avoid having weak muscles and stiff joints. A senior citizen should also use her brain to help prevent dementia conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Tip 7: Use Modern Technology 

Today, you can use modern technology to help a senior citizen remain independent. You can install a video camera in a home to watch the individual, and you can buy devices that the senior citizen can wear to request help during an emergency.

Tip 8: Hire a Caregiver 

Contact agencies that provide trained caregivers who can visit a senior citizen to prepare meals or to help with daily tasks.

Tip 9: Treat the Senior Citizen With Respect 

You must treat the senior citizen with respect during the aging process because she has a right to make her own decisions.

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