7 Problems With Not Researching Cigar Types Before Purchasing

Cigars are complex things, so it is wise to do your research before buying. There are a lot of problems that you can run into if you don’t, and you should try to understand them so you know why it pays to do your research.

Unexpected Flavors

Cigars have nuanced flavors, and that is one thing that most research should reveal. People who don’t research their cigars are always in for a surprise. They sometimes get a pleasant surprise, but they are more likely to get something outside their normal preferences.

Surprising Sizes

Cigars often vary in their size and shape. You can easily place an order expecting big cigars and get a set of tiny ones if you don’t look the dimensions up in advance. That can lead to waste or force you to spend less time enjoying them than you had originally planned.

Difficult Storage

Proper storage is vital to keep a cigar in good shape. You cannot plan your storage if you do not know what you are getting. That means that people who don’t look things up in advance must either use all of their cigars quickly or accept a gradual loss in quality.

Difficult Pricing

A cigar’s type has a big impact on its value. People who don’t do their research can easily pay far too much for a cigar without ever realizing it. On the other hand, doing your research ensures that you can recognize a good deal when you see one.

Judging Premium Claims

The international market for premium and luxury cigars is growing fast, which encourages many companies to market their cigars towards that segment. The problem is that the definition of luxury can vary, so you need to do research to know if the claim is meaningful. People who don’t do their homework can end up with a luxury cigar that provides the same smoking experience as a cheap one.

Learning Problems

Cigar smokers should always be trying to learn about new brands and styles to broaden their experiences and learn what they like. Skipping the research makes it hard to know what cigar you are trying, which means that you won’t be able to recognize similar cigars in the future. That is a missed opportunity to learn about the market and be able to find or avoid that type in the future.

Missed Opportunities

Ultimately, buying cigars without doing your research is gambling. Spending your money like that means passing up the opportunity buy a cigar that you understand and know that you will enjoy. You might get lucky with a random purchase, but you are far more likely to have a worse experience than you would have had if you took the time to make informed choices.

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