7 Efficient Lab Designs

A science lab is a home for scientists to come up with new ideas. An efficient lab is the birthplace of concepts, experiments, and inventions. Being in a lab that actually works for a scientist requires the right equipment, the correct supplies, and an effective arrangement of the space. A properly organized science lab is healthy, safe, and efficient for those working within the space.

Strong Airflow Systems
Strong airflow systems help to keep air regulation working throughout the lab. This should keep the air safer even during an accident in the lab involving toxic fumes. The airflow of a lab is also important for the comfort of everyday work within the lab for a scientist or laboratory tech.

Easy Access to Exits and Entrances
Having easy access to exits and entrances keeps your lab simple to enter and to exit quickly if need be due to an emergency. It’s additionally a good idea to have the lab organized enough that the entrances and exits are easy to leave or enter for convenience purposes and not just in an emergency situation.

Plenty of Storage Space
The labs that are most coveted are ones with plenty of storage space. Storage space allows you to keep all your supplies and equipment organized and easy to find. Storage space may prove to be more efficient if you additionally keep labels on every cabinet or shelf. In that way, you will be able to find things effectively and put them back in the same spot as before.

Appropriate Locations for Equipment
The location of the various equipment that is in a lab should be planned out accordingly. It may help to have a layout plan on the wall for where the store all of the equipment within the lab. Then you can place that equipment in its rightful place everytime. The location of equipment should be safe for people walking around the lab and for ensuring the equipment is also safely stored. An idea for larger equipment pieces, would be to keep them in a separate area and roll them into the lab when they are needed. The doors to the lab therefore have to be large enough for large equipment.

An ergonomic lab is designed to keep it comfortable for yourself. Tables, chairs, desks, and computers should all be comfortably designed. An ergonomic lab is a comfortable lab. This will improve how quickly and effectively you will work within your lab.

Adaptable for Various Needs
A more efficient lab can be used for a variety of needs. The more variety of experiments and work that can be conducted within a lab, the more efficient the lab will be. Keep a variety of equipment pieces that are necessary for your scientific focus in the lab so you have everything you need. Having plenty of work space will help to keep your lab more flexible.

Well-Being Labs
A well-being lab may be more efficient for some scientists. This does not mean every scientist needs that type of lab. A well-being lab gives you the ability to have large open windows overlooking a relaxing space. A well-being lab will also be focused on comfort and may have relaxing art or quotes on the wall as well. Some scientists need more solid interior walls for their lab, but a well-being lab is great for anyone who needs a more calming lab space for efficiency and productivity.

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