7 Crucial Tips for Walking your Dog

As dog owners, the best part of our day consists of spending one-on-one time with our furry friends. We can interact with them and watch their personalities shine in their own element. Owning a dog can be a great time, but along with that enjoyment comes great responsibility. Here are some crucial tips for walking your dog:

1. Pay attention to your surroundings 
The outdoors are full of unknown elements that may excite, harm or intrigue your dog. Dogs are very spontaneous animals so if your dog sees something/ someone exciting or intriguing the dog’s actions may pose a threat to him/ herself or the thing or person your dog is interested in.

2. Always ask before allowing your dogs to greet others 
It’s easy for us as dog lovers to assume everyone loves our dogs just as much as we do. Even though we see our pets as non-threatening, other people may have phobias or allergies that keep them from wanting to be approached by your pet. If in the rare event your dog bites someone, no matter how severe, you may be held financially liable.

3. Always carry a bag holder and pick up after your dog 
Shoes are expensive. It’s important to be considerate of this while taking your dogs out for long walks. Picking up after your dog and properly disposing of waste is imperative. Keeping in mind the cleanliness of the area you and other dog-walkers frequent daily is a way to make sure your experience is always pleasant.

4. Always Maintain control of your dog
One of the most fascinating things we love about our pets is their strong sense of curiosity and their impulsiveness. While very charming, this trait can always also be a detriment to the pups if they’re not looked after carefully enough. Keeping them on a leash and making sure they’re within reach is important for everyone’s safety.

5. Make sure your dog is well socialized 
A part of dog walking is the inevitability of other dogs in the neighborhood exploring the world like yours. Making sure your dog is socialized and is familiar with the presence of other dogs will alleviate a lot of uncontrollable variables in the safety of everyone involved—including the neighbors who may be enjoying a nice quiet time in their home.

6. Pay attention to the weather 
Depending on the breed and age of your dog, they may or may not adapt to certain climates as we would, or as other animals would. It’s important to be familiar with the climate tolerance of the breed and age of dog you have.

7. Have fun! 
Dogs are our best friends. They’re entertaining, lovable, and full of personalities that we should take advantage of and enjoy. Use your dog walking time as a time to interact with them with nature as your platform.

Using these tips will ensure the safety of you, your dog and everyone you may meet, and they will also make sure your experience walking your dog is enjoyable.

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