6 Ways To Lower Your Electric Bill

Lowering your electric bill will not only have a great impact on your bank account, but it will also have a great impact on the environment. When you’re ready to do your part, try these tips to lower your electric bill.

1. Get a smart thermometer 
There is no need to have the air conditioning going on throughout the day when no one is home. However, it can be difficult to remember to lower it every day. For a small investment, you can have a smart thermometer that will change the temperature for you when you and your family won’t be home. It will even change it back to the desired temperature later in the day when everyone is back at home.

2. Lower the temperature on your water heater 
Have you ever turned your shower on to be scalded by burning water? Clearly, the water doesn’t need to get that hot. It takes more energy to heat the water to that temperature, so lower the temperature of your water heater. Try setting it for 120 degrees.

3. Use shades and trees 
Your windows can let a lot of sun inside your home. The sun will heat your home, requiring more air conditioning and electricity. Plant trees in front of your windows. You can also get quality blinds and curtains for the windows to contribute. The best part is that you are not only lowering your electric bill, you also have the opportunity to make your yard and your home more beautiful.

4. Consider lighting 
Make a point to keep lights off unless necessary. You can even connect the most commonly used lights to a home automation system so that you can turn them off from anywhere in case you forget.
It’s also a good idea to switch your lightbulbs for compact fluorescent lightbulbs. Changing 10 60-watt lightbulbs with the compact fluorescent lightbulbs will save you an average of $132 per year. The more lightbulbs you switch out, the more you will save!

5. Unplug the electronics 
Keeping an item plugged into the outlet, even when it’s not in use, still uses energy. Be sure to unplug your items when you’re not using them. Take the effort to unplug your computer or video game system when you’re done using it, and you will start to see savings!

We live in a world of technology, and this technology requires electricity. Just because the electricity is available to us, that doesn’t mean that we need to spend more than necessary. Use these tips to lower your electric bill.

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