6 Smart Ways to Make Your Company’s Direct Mail Stand Out

When it comes to direct mail, there is a lot of competition to make your company stand out above the rest. When a company decides to use direct mail as a marketing tool, it not only increases the rate of return, but it gives their potential prospects a little insight about who you are as a company and how you can help benefit them. In addition, they get something to touch, unlike other medians of marketing where they just get to liven up their visual senses. With direct marketing, you give your customers something more than just the everyday commercial or pop up on the computer. With that said here is 6 innovative and smart ways to make your company’s direct mail stand out above the rest.

  1. Love The Lumps
    If you decide to add a few different lumps to your card, it will capture the attention of the handlers. For example, some companies use the 3D technology to get that extra finger touching sense, and as soon as the viewer touches it, they are automatically interested in seeing what it was that felt different.
  2. Directional Map
    Adding a map or a purposeful directional map on your cards will not only help clients take a look to see how far away they are compared to the event or your company, and they will like to look around the area to see what else they might have missed. This is great for your business as well as the other local business that are around you. Therefore, if you have an event that you are inviting them to, the companies around will also help you grab more business because you are doing it for them.
  3. Texturing
    Texturing is a fantastic way to grab the attention of the receivers of your direct mail. You have the ability to change the thickness or thinness of your cards as well as the lines on the mail; this will allow either mail to be bigger or smaller, thus creating attention.
  4. QR Codes
    QR codes are a great way to be different. If a customer has the ability to pull up the event or your company information on their phone in a moment’s notice, then your direct mail has started its duty. The more traffic you drive the more potential buyers your company will receive.
  5. Funny or Inspirational Quotes
    By being funny or creative on an inspirational level with direct mail, you are becoming more personable to your clientele. This will help them relate more to you and what your company offers.
  6. Be Creative
    The last and smartest ways to capture the attention of potential customers is the ability for you and your company to be creative. If you decide to make your direct mail in an abstract form or give the receivers an interactive way to enjoy the mail, then you have started the path of success.

    In conclusion, there are many ways you can be smart in your direct mail campaigns. However, choose to go with a few options and then change it up the next time. Do not stay boring because most people like fun and entertaining new things to enjoy, and with your new styles of creative, you are going to succeed faster than most other companies that do not do any direct marketing.

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