6 Great Tips for Trading Challenge Coins

Whatever item is popular to collect, will also be popular to trade. There is a reason the first name given to baseball cards was trading cards. Challenge coin collectors often trade coins between them as well. There are a number of tips and strategies available to increase the production of your challenge coin trading.

Do Not Seek All Coins

Many challenge coin collectors hurt themselves with a ‘gotta get all of them’ mentality. This approach is unrealistic with challenge coins. You should probably have four or five targets in mind at a given time. Increase your knowledge about the coins you target in order to make sound trades when they become available.

Take an Active Approach

Do not simply sit back and wait for the challenge coins you wish to add to your collection. You should instead be on the constant lookout to upgrade their inventory. To become an elite challenge coin trader, you need to first identify the coins you possess that are available for trade. You will then need to get the most out of the trade stock you possess.

Do Not Get Stuck On Value

It is necessary to understand the value of coins to get the most out of your trade stock. However, don’t get too caught up in this idea. It should not be your goal to get rich trading challenge coins. The collecting and trading of these coins should be something that adds fun and value to your life.


It can become more of a chore to keep your challenge coin collection organized as your collection grows. You should set aside a portion of the time you devote to this hobby to regularly organize and evaluate your collection. An unorganized collector is more likely to make mistakes and will miss out on opportunities.

Look For Alternative Coin Sources

A major challenge to collectors of challenge coins is finding other collectors with whom they can trade. Most collectors depend on shows and these are not the best places to trade coins. You will have to go beyond your comfort zone to find other people who trade challenge coins.

Have Fun

Trading challenge coins can become a demanding process. It is important to remember as you go about your work preparing to trade challenge coins that the undertaking is a hobby. Do not take your hobby so seriously that you forget to enjoy yourself.

Challenge coin trading is becoming more popular in recent years. This increasing popularity has resulted in more people to trade with, as well as, a more competitive atmosphere. The six tips above should serve you well as a challenge coin trader.

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