6 Common Problems Found During a Home Inspection

Purchasing a home is an exhilarating experience. But as is often the case with most highs, there lie the opportunity for lows. Most homes, as with all items that have been used, are prone to damage that may not be visible from the surface. When getting a home inspection, here are 6 common problems that are often found, that may break the deal.

Water is a wonderful thing, until it has found a way to be where it doesn’t belong. Plumbing is responsible to transport water and sewage through through the walls and floor of your home. Newer plumbing materials are constructed of plastic to enhance durability. Older plumbing consists of metal, making it more prone to rust and cracking. Plumbing damage can create mold and cracks in your foundation. “SFGate.com” has done an excellent job outlining plumbing problem areas in their article, “Plumbing Issues During a Home Inspection”

Roof Damage
A roof is what makes your home a proper shelter. It is responsible for shedding water, insulating, and offering protection. Roof damage will take place in the form of worn out shingles, and at the worst, a leaking roof. Check out these helpful hints and tips for Roof Damage, in an article published by Nationwide Insurance.

Insulation Damage
Insulation damage occurs when a leak has occurred and often points to a plumbing, siding, or a roof issue that is allowing water into your walls and attic. Mold in your insulation is a very real and expensive damage to be aware of.

Electrical damage can take many forms. From outdated electric wiring, malfunctions in the electrical system, to more dangerous problems like exposed wiring. Angie’s List has an excellent article on Electricity Damage, that will help to show you what to look for.

Insects Infestations
Insects are the largest group of living organisms on this earth. So it’s no surprise when they find a way into the home you are purchasing. These problems range from; ants and cockroaches, to the more pestilent, bed bugs and termites.

Foundational Damage
Damage to a homes foundation is a very serious problem for obvious reasons. Many time, foundational damage has occurred from water that has frozen in cracks (creating splits), dirt and debris up against a homes foundation (preventing it from breathing and trapping water), and eroding earth that has destabilized the structure. HouseLogic.com has provided an article for those who want to educate themselves more on Foundational Damage.

When purchasing a home, make sure to pay special attention to these 6 problematic areas for used homes. If these areas are healthy, then it is very likely that they have worked in unison to preserve the health of your home, guaranteeing a long standing future for you and your family.

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