6 Benefits of Getting a DNA Test

The structure of DNA was discovered decades ago. Since that time, scientists have been busy unraveling the mystery of our gene pool. Over time, they’ve increasingly been able to peer deep inside the human body. If you are thinking about a DNA test, you’ll find doing so offers many hugely important benefits.

1. Family Planning
If you’re thinking about starting a family, you might have many questions. DNA testing can answer them. A DNA test can tell you and your partner what kind of potentially dangerous genes you might carry. For example, you might find out you or your partner carries the gene for cystic fibrosis. Or you might learn that even if a cousin has this disease, your fetus will not. If you do find out about risks, you can consider efforts such as IVF that can lead to a healthy embryo and healthy baby.

2. Knowing Your Ancestry
Another advantage of DNA testing is knowing your ancestry. Testing can reveal that you’re not only part Irish but you also have German and Chinese genes. This is a great way to know exactly where you’re from.

3. Identifying Health Risks
Testing can also help identify any health risks you might personally have. For example, you might know that your mom had lung cancer at an early age. You can find out if you are at similar risk of getting lung cancer.

4. Making Positive Changes
If you’ve found out that you have medical risks, there are things you can do. You might be at high risk from breast cancer. In that case, you can opt for measures such as a prophylactic mastectomy when you are finished bearing children. This procedure will vastly reduce your possibility of getting the same disease.

5. Relief From Worry
Knowing your DNA can help you avoid anxiety. For example, even if you are at risk of a serious medical condition, at least you know it. You’re not worrying that every test will come back with a terrifying result. The same is true if testing reveals that there’s nothing wrong. You’ll feel an enormous sense of relief that lets you get on with your life plans.

6. Other Issues Resolved
There are other circumstances when DNA testing is vitally important. For example, if you want to find out if you’re a child’s father, the DNA test will reveal the truth. The same is true if you are accused of a crime. A DNA test can prove your innocence and save you from punishment.

DNA testing offers insights that are incredibly useful. You can use it to make lifestyle changes or just feel great you do not have any major medical risks.

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