5 Things You Should Do Before a Workout

It is important that you prep properly for a workout. Most people don’t think about this and just jump right in – but if you do that you may be more prone to injury or you may just not have the proper energy to get the best workout. Here are 5 things to do before every workout:



Working out on an empty stomach can make you feel sick and you may not have enough energy to power through. It is best not to eat a large heavy meal before working out, but it is important to get a snack of sort in about an hour ahead of time. The perfect snack would be a combination of protein and carbs. Examples would include: Greek yogurt with berries, a half a turkey sandwich or a banana with peanut butter.



Drinking water is important for overall health, as most know. Hydrating when working out is important, and there is a proper way to do it. About 30 minutes before your workout drink about 8oz of water. It is important to not drink too much as it can be hard to workout when you are all bloated. Bring a bottle of water with you to workout, but be careful how much you drink during the workout. The amount of water that you will need during the workout will depend on the type of activity and the conditions i.e. workout outside during the summer.


Get Ready

Whether you are working out at home or at the gym, it is best to be prepared. It is best to have your gym bag with your clothes and other necessities in it the night before. If you are already ready, there will be one less excuse to not get to the gym that day.



Stretching before workouts is important. When you stretch you are helping your joints work through full range of motion while enabling your muscles to work most effectively, which in turn decreases, the risk of injuries during a workout.


Warm Up

Warming up is a beneficial thing to do before starting your workout as it helps prepare your heart for an increase in activity and increases delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. The type of warm up that you do will depend on what your main workout will be. For example – if you are a runner, a light jog in place will help you get warmed up. If you do martial arts, a few kicks or punches can help you warm up. If you are doing a HIIT workout, you might want to start with some jumping jacks to get your blood flowing.


These tips will help prevent injuries and you will have a better more efficient workout.

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