5 Reasons to Store Essential Oils in Plastic Bottles

Essential oils are a staple in many people’s lives. However, many people do not know how to properly store them. It is a common misconception that storing essential oils in plastic is a horrible idea. In fact, it may benefit your health and the health of the environment. This misconception stems from the fact that many oils eat away at certain types of plastic containers which causes contamination. However, there are many common types of plastic that are perfectly safe for storing essential oils. This article will explore five different reasons to store essential oils in plastic containers.

Benefits of Dilution 
If essential oils are held in plastic containers, they must be diluted. Many people mistakenly believe that this disrupts the effectiveness of the oils, but it actually provides many different benefits. Dilution increases the absorption through dry skin, increases the surface area, and protects the skin’s personal sensitivities. Diluting oils by adding them to bases is also a common way to utilize the essential oils, and using plastic containers is a natural solution.

Break Free
With glass bottles, there is always a danger of disaster. Glass shards and spilled oils is not a pleasant situation. Many people keep essential oils with them on the go, so it is especially important that the containers do not break inside bags or purses. Oils in soaps and skincare products are often kept in reach of children, which adds an extra opportunity for breakage. Plastic bottles can help avoid all of these situations.

Reuse and Recycle 
Plastic bottles are found around every person’s household. PET plastic (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and HDPE plastic(High-Density Polyethylene), commonly known as plastic #1 and #2 respectively, comprise many different containers. These types of plastic are used for anything such as juice and yogurt to shampoo and detergent. Reusing old plastic containers can help reduce waste and ultimately help the environment.

Convenience and Creativity 
Essential oils can be used in many various concoctions. Their fragrances and natural healing properties lend themselves to mixing with different soaps and lotions. Glass bottles don’t often come in different shapes and sizes, but plastic bottles have many variations. For example, a squirt bottle of hand sanitizer, or a foaming soap bottle with a pump. There is a plastic container for every kind of essential oil creation.

Cost Effective 
When purchasing essential oils, you want them to last as long as possible so you can get every penny’s worth. Dilution and careful storage are key. Plastic bottles are much cheaper than glass bottles. Plastic bottles are also generally available in larger sizes, which is helpful if the oils are diluted. Essential oils are an investment in your health and happiness, and being able to store them safely and cheaply is important.

Plastic containers are a wonderful way to store essential oils. It is beneficial to both your health and the environment, reduces danger, convenient, and cost-effective. Simply diluting the oils or adding them to various bases is a fantastic way to utilize their natural properties. Plastic containers are the perfect solution for storing essential oils.

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