5 Reasons to Have 3D Glasses at Your Fireworks This July 4th

You and your family can wear these special 3D glasses while you watch colorful fireworks or a light show at celebratory events such as the Fourth of July. Everyone is sure to be awed and dazzled by the extraordinary effect and enhancement that occurs. The extra thrills added to the enjoyment of the occasion are accomplished by this unique eyewear.

Some of the reasons that you will be delighted with these 3D glasses are the following:

1. They are an ideal way to add to the pleasure of watching fireworks at an outdoor music festival, laser show, any type of festival or carnival, or a holiday event. They are also an appreciated handout for a New Year’s or birthday or anniversary party where the celebrants can add an interesting dimension to the fireworks that was never experienced before. The glasses can even be used for watching the moon and stars.

2. The glasses work by having each eye focus on the same image but from a different angle. That computes in the brain as a whole image in multi-dimension. The 3D stereoscopic and holographic specially-treated lenses bend the light and create a refracted light display that turns any type of light into shimmering rainbow patterns and colors that are amazing rainbow bursts.

3. Lovers of all things pyro can add a new experience to their “inventory” as they see how the unique starbursts add to their vision delights.

4. These 3D glasses are great throughout the year for different occasions with their variety of styles and themes, so they are not just limited to the Fourth of July. Any light explodes into fun rainbow colors and designs.

5. At a very inexpensive cost, these glasses can be given away by your business as a promotional item. They can be imprinted with your name, logo, phone number, and any information which would encourage the wearers to contact you for the possible ordering of your product or service. Firework retailers can sell them as an addition to their main products.

Festivities can have added excitement when everyone uses 3D fireworks glasses made of paper or plastic. They are printed in full-color graphics with a wide variety of designs for an extra explosive flavor! Pack them for a picnic along with the hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, baked beans, watermelon, and soda, and you can later at sunset watch the fireworks in style!

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