5 Reasons to Fly in a Private Jet

When making travel arrangements for business or pleasure, a private jet often isn’t the first option considered. Private jet travel is perceived as being prohibitively expensive. However, for the benefits you receive, flying by private jet may be the best choice for you and your business.

1. Flexibility in Schedule

When you fly commercial, you are tied to the airline’s schedule. When you fly in a private jet, you have the opportunity to choose exactly when you will take off. You can arrange for a flight with much less lead time than you need when you fly commercial. While you will experience some of the same weather-related delays as commercial passengers, you won’t be bothered by flight delays due to larger issues experienced by the airline. Disruptions caused by your fellow passengers are nonexistent.

2. Time Saving

Not only is flying by private jet more flexible than flying commercial, the process of getting on your way is much quicker. You won’t need to waste time on long layovers, and you won’t have to spend hours in long lines at the airport. Private jet passengers do not have to go through security, eliminating a major source of travel delays. You won’t be tied to flying out of a major airport – you can save time by going directly to a small regional airport near your place of work.

3. More Privacy

When you fly on a private jet, you have much more privacy than you would even in first class on a commercial airliner. It is possible to have confidential business discussions on private jets that would not be advisable on a commercial plane. If you are working on the plane, there are far fewer interruptions from staff and other passengers. This makes sense from a business standpoint because employees are far more productive on a private jet than they would be if they flew commercial.

4. Comfort

It can’t be denied that flying on a private jet provides much more comfort than taking a commercial flight. Seats are cramped, baggage is crammed in, and tempers are high. When you fly on a private jet, you will arrive at your destination well rested, relaxed, and ready for the next new challenge. You will be able to start or finish your workday with productivity.

5. Being a VIP

For all its proven advantages over flying commercial, flying on a private jet also has the benefit of making the tired frequent traveler feel like a VIP. People who fly frequently are often unfortunate enough to encounter the airline industry’s worst aspects: delays, cancellations, and lost belongings. Passengers can enjoy the feeling of flying private.

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