5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Construction Management

The construction industry is underrated when it comes to long-term career potential. It is often overlooked as rugged and one-dimensional, but the truth is there are a variety of career options in construction. Construction management is one avenue often overlooked. Whether you’re a new graduate hoping to launch your career or you’re an experienced businessman looking for a change of pace, here are a few reasons construction management might appeal to you:

Job Growth
Job growth in construction management is much higher than the national average. Recent reports indicate the field is expected to grow approximately 11 percent in the next ten years. This means demand is high for the role and the career is pretty stable.

Quality Compensation
The higher than average job growth for construction management also means an influx in pay. Demand is so high for this skill set that organizations are willing to pay more in salary to fill the positions. Construction Managers make an average of $76,000 annually. They are also often paid hourly making them eligible for overtime rates and improving overall earning potential.

Task Variety
A Construction Manager is responsible for a variety of tasks and each day on the job offers a new and exciting challenge. The role generally blends a mixture of office or administrative work with frequent field or site visits. Construction Mangers have ample time to meet and interact with others while also finding time to focus alone. This variety helps with maintaining a high level of job satisfaction and presents an appealing environment.

Rewarding Work
Construction Managers are lucky enough to play a role that makes a huge difference to their clients. They’re responsible for managing the details of projects that can really impact the community or a business’s bottom line. From creating bridges or new roads to building multi-million dollar complexes Construction Managers are developing relationships and adding value in multiple ways. They’re also rewarded by solving problems and mastering challenging work.

Resume Builder
Construction Managers wear many hats and must exercise a variety of skills. Common traits include organization, communication, project management, planning and interpersonal skills. These skills are highly transferable and the experience learned on the job makes for a great resume boost!

Overall, construction management is a highly satisfying career path. The industry offers many benefits making it a competitive prospect for any job hunter. If you’re in the market for a new career, consider construction management and reap the rewards of a satisfying career!

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