5 Job Related Incidences When You May Need An Attorney

In today’s world where it seems as if anything can happen in the workplace, you need to be prepared for anything and everything. This includes situations where an attorney may be needed, since they can lead to potentially strong consequences. Whether you are an employee, company executive, or business owner, knowing when it’s time to contact an attorney can make a world of difference in how a problem is resolved. To learn more, here are five job-related incidences when you may need an attorney.

An Injury on the Job
Whether it’s an employee or a customer, if any injury occurs in your workplace, consult an attorney as soon as possible. Chances are a personal injury lawsuit will be filed against you, and if it’s an injured employee a workers’ compensation claim may be filed in addition to a lawsuit.

Harassment or Bullying
In cases where allegations of sexual harassment or workplace bullying are levied against you or another employee, an attorney will definitely be needed. In a worst-case scenario, criminal charges could be filed, so it’s best to use an attorney with experience in these matters.

Wrongful Termination
If a manager has fired an employee, it’s possible the disgruntled employee could decide to sue the manager as well as the business for wrongful termination. Even if the termination was deemed to be justified, a lawsuit could still occur that could consume plenty of the company’s time and money. Therefore, if an employee chooses to pursue this legal path, hire an attorney skilled in business and employment law.
Workplace Discrimination
Whether it’s an employee claiming discrimination based on their gender, sexual orientation, disability, or other factor they claim cost them a promotion, or if an applicant feels as if discrimination was present in the hiring process, a discrimination suit could be levied against you and your company. Regardless of what type of allegation may be brought against you, take them very seriously and hire an experienced employment law attorney.

Physical Confrontation
If a physical confrontation ever occurs on your company’s premises, contact an attorney immediately. Whether it involves only employees or employees and customers, these situations can be very serious from many legal angles. Along with a personal injury lawsuit that could be filed, it’s likely law enforcement will be involved as well, with possible criminal charges being filed as well.

By recognizing when a workplace situation requires legal advice and representation, it’s possible to solve a problem before it escalates out of control, which can ultimately save you and your company plenty of money and embarrassment.

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