5 Best House Plants To Give as a Gift

Houseplants can make a wonderful gift for family and friends. Indoor plants can help with indoor pollutants and dry air. Some plants are more suitable as gifts than others. The five plants listed below make the best gifts.

Snake Plant

This hardy plant is also referred to as mother-in-law’s tongue. It is considered to be one of the easier indoor plants to care for and would make a good house warming gift for those with little experience in plant care. They can handle lower light conditions that other tropical and sub-tropicals could not tolerate. The snake plant also grows well in dry indoor conditions.


This plant is a popular gift during the holiday season. They are also called the lobster flower due to their red leaf-flowers. Contrary to popular urban legend, this plant is not poisonous. While many poinsettias are tossed away after their leaves fall off, these plants can be kept as an indoor plant. With proper care, the plant will continue to grow until it is ready to bloom the following year!

Sky Plant

These house plants make a unique and colorful gift. As their name indicates, this plant is found in trees and other verticle surfaces in its natural environment. Unlike many species of indoor plants, this species receives most of its nutrients from sources other than soils. Watering can be done by simply misting it, making this gift easy to care for. This small plant takes up little room.

Aloe Vera Plant

A popular gift plant is the aloe plant. Many people are familiar with its medicinal properties with things such as sunburns, but they may not realize how tolerant it is. This makes it an easy plant to care for, even in the hands of novices. This succulent will require plenty of light in order to thrive, allowing the thick leaves to grow to their full potential.

Jade Plant

Our list would not be complete without including this species. It is also called the money plant, money tree, or friendship plant. Traditionally, it has been considered to bring good fortune or luck to the recipient. They tolerate light conditions that other plants would shrivel from and can go longer without water as well. This gift will keep on giving, as they easily propagate.

A Gift For Life

When properly cared for, house plants can live for a long period of time. This makes them a gift that can be around long after other items have been broken or used up. House plants brighten up any room and help with air quality. Who knows, maybe this gift will encourage the next green thumb!

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