5 Benefits to LED Lighting

L.E.D lighting has skyrocketed in popularity over the past decade. When you look at the benefits of L.E.D. lighting, it’s easy to see why these devices have grown so quickly in such a short span of time.

Energy Efficiency

Global warming and an awareness of our carbon footprint have created to an environment revolution. When purchasing a home, vehicle, or electronics, we now look for longer lasting and sustainable components that are environmentally friendly. L.E.D.s are the answer to our green living lighting needs.
L.E.D. lighting is 75 percent more efficient than incandescent lighting and the diode itself is very small in size, requiring much less energy to create the same amount of light. This energy savings results in a lower carbon imprint and a reduced environmental impact.

Cost Savings

Since L.E.D. lights use less energy, this leads to substantial savings on your utility bills. Did you know that lighting alone represents 12 percent of your electric bill? If the average family spends $2,000 per year on electricity, then $240 per year goes directly to lighting.
By switching to L.E.D. lighting in the most commonly used areas of your home, you can significantly reduce your home’s annual energy costs.


L.E.D. lights are family friendly and great to use in spaces where children or pets may come into contact with them. This is because L.E.D. lights use less energy and have a heat sink to disperse their heat.
The heat sink in L.E.D. lighting allows the energy that is released as heat to be spread over a larger area, preventing burns and fires. L.E.D. lighting is safer to use in any location where contact or fire is possible.

Longer Lasting

Another benefit of the heat sink is that L.E.D. lights last significantly longer than any other lighting. The dispersed heat prevents the wires and components of the individual L.E.D. from burning out. Some L.E.D. lights can even last twenty years or more.
As you can imagine, this means less landfill waste and fewer health hazards. Other energy efficient lighting, such as C.F.L. bulbs, may leak toxic gasses in the home or landfill if the glass ever cracks. L.E.D.s not only prevents waste due to their lasting power, they are also safer to dispose of when it is time to replace them.


Whether you need track lighting, mood lighting, or general household lighting, the L.E.D. is appropriate for any location or occasion. L.E.D.s are perfect for use with dimmers and have color changing capabilities. The possibilities are truly endless with these versatile lights.
Whether you are looking to save money or help the environment, L.E.D. lighting has many benefits to make it a worth while investment for all of your lighting needs.

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