4 Ways to Thank the Military Veterans in Your Life

There is a special set of people who we owe a great gratitude, our veterans. These men and women have sacrificed themselves for our freedoms. They have missed time with their families, put themselves in peril, lost their military brethren, and had to do things in the line of duty that are unthinkable for our country’s benefit. It is only fitting for us to take time out of our busy lives, and thank them for their service. Thanking a veteran with words is nice and appropriate, but take it a step further, and put words into action. Here are 4 ways you can thank the military veterans in your life.

Give the Gift of Time
Take time to sit down and visit with a veteran. Open up a positive conversation about their service, and allow them to share. Be careful to not pressure about difficult memories or deeds done in service. Ask questions like, “What branch were you? What countries did you visit? What is your favorite service memory?” Seeing you interested, and spending time, truly wanting to listen, is a great way to touch a veteran’s heart.

Give the Gift of Skills
We all have talents; share them with the veterans. If you are a musician, sing or play an instrument for them. If you are into construction, offer to help with a project. If you have are an artist, draw fun cartoons of the veteran and give as a gift. Whatever your skillset it, find a way to share it for their benefit.

Give the Gift of a Job
Veterans should not be put on a shelf as display to catch dust, they are capable people with a vast life experience. Hire them to speak at an event, as an advisor, or use their special skill set in another way. Their families need jobs too; look to veterans’ families for your future employees.

Give the Gift of a Meal
It’s a fact that 100% of all veterans eat! Take a veteran out for a meal. If taking them out isn’t an option, give veterans a gift card to a great restaurant for them to enjoy. If it’s appropriate, you could even invite them into your home for a meal with your family, as the guest of honor.

There are countless ways to thank a veteran; we just have to only think about it. Consider giving the gift of time, skills, jobs, or a meal! You will find that even though you are the gift giver, you are also the recipient of a priceless gift, a new veteran friendship.

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