4 Items to Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

When you’re getting married, it’s important to look at all of the details. You can accessorize your wedding dress in a variety of ways, customizing your look so that your personality shines through.

A brooch is a type of pin that you can include somewhere on your wedding dress, whether it’s right up by the chest or somewhere along the skirt. It could be your “something borrowed” or it could be a way to honor a particular person who couldn’t be there with you. For example, you might want to wear a military pin for a family member or even a clan brooch for your family name.

If you are getting married in the cooler months, you will want to consider a cover-up to wear with your wedding dress. You might opt for a scarf, a stole, or even a Bolero jacket. Whatever you choose, be sure it coordinates with the style of dress that you have. As for the material, you can opt for silk, satin, or even faux fur. You can stay warm and look stylish at the same time.

Colored Slip
Colored crinoline might be the perfect way to add a flash of color to your wedding dress. It’s also a great way to accessorize. Whether you have your shoes dyed to match or not, you can introduce one of your wedding colors into the dress for the day. There are a lot of wedding trends going on and the bride adding something other than white to her ensemble is certainly one of them.

You should look at the jewelry that will make sense for the style of dress that you have. For example, if you have a strapless dress that shows off a lot of open neck and chest, then consider a choker. If you have a sweetheart cut, then consider a necklace that has a long chain. Less is more when it comes to jewelry, so there’s no need for a lot. However, you want to look luxurious on your big day, so consider earrings at the very least.

There are so many ways for you to accessorize your wedding dress. You may choose more than one way so that you can customize your dress and ensure that your personality shines through. You might only get one chance at a dream wedding, so be sure you put some thought into the details.

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