3 Signs Your Home Needs New Windows

Windows last on a house for 20 years. If you built and are living in your original house, you’ll know when the time rolls around for new windows.

If you bought a house and are unaware of the timeline, then you’ll need signs to tell you when to replace something. Windows are very visible and can’t hide the ravages of time. What are signs that you need new windows? Here are three.

1. Weather Impact On Windows

The damaging winds, rain, and objects blown against windows in a storm have their effects. The burning sun during other times of the year has an opposite effect, but just as damaging. Then there’s the cold of winter, with raging winds and snow doing their part to ensure your windows sustain damage.

All this combines to warp and bow the wooden frame in which the windows sit. The glass is no longer tightly held in the window frame. This allows moisture and air to seep in through the cracks. Mold from the moisture and a higher power bill from air leakage are the results.

2. Broken Seals

Double and triple pane windows have either krypton or argon gas placed between the panes. The gas provides not only insulation but a small measure of soundproofing. When the seal is broken, moisture gets into the outside pane of glass.

Have you ever had a foggy window, and there was no way to reach the fog to clear it away? A broken seal in the double or triple panes is the culprit. Since this means moisture could get into the house and cause its mildewy and/or moldy trouble, it would help to replace the window.

3. You’re Selling Your House

The first thing homeowners selling their homes are told is curb appeal. Without it, nothing would catch the eye of a buyer. Without it, your house will look shabby and old. This is especially true of tired, worn windows. New windows make a house look fresh and new. They also tell buyers that you care enough about your house to make sure it has the best things you can buy for it. It also tells them they won’t have huge repair or replacement costs to pay after closing.

Energy efficiency is the keyword now. Houses are built tight so no tiny thing gets in or out. Windows have to be just as tight, which means less paid in power bills.

Your house doesn’t need to speak to you for you to see that it needs some help. Signs that you need new windows are all too plain to see. We hope this list helps you to see the signs.

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