3 Best Places in a Home to Use Tile

Tile has been a popular material used for decorative purposes for centuries, and it continues to offer homeowners many unique ways to personalize their home’s décor. When you think about using tile in your home, you may think about tile flooring. Because of how durable and water-resistant tile is, it is an excellent surface to use in water-prone areas, such as in the kitchen and bathroom. However, the decorative possibilities for tile extend beyond the floor. These are some of the best ways to use tile when redecorating your home.

The Kitchen Backsplash
Tile comes in an extensive range off colors, shapes and sizes. There are also various textures and finishes on the tile that add further differentiation, and this could look amazing on your kitchen backsplash. You can create a seemingly endless range of decorative schemes, patterns and more through the different tile options available that would add personalization to your space. In addition to adding style to your backsplash area, tile is a durable surface that is easy to maintain when exposed to food debris, splashes of water, heat and more.

The Fireplace Façade
The fireplace is usually a focal point of the home. It is an area where family and friends may gather around in the winter months, and its large presence makes it a focal point during warmer months as well. Because tile is so durable and because it is available in an incredible range of styles, it is ideal for use as a fireplace façade in many homes. Regardless of whether your décor is rustic, modern or something else entirely, there may be a gorgeous tile choice that will look beautiful in your home.

The Shower
Just as you need the kitchen backsplash and the fireplace façade to be decorative yet durable, you also have the same need in your shower. Because the shower is such a large and visible feature in a bathroom, its décor affects the tone of the entire room. In many cases, the tile in the shower may correspond well with the tile floor and with the counter surface. When using tile as a shower floor surface, remember to choose a non-slip material for safety. This material can be used in your master bathroom as well as in secondary bathrooms for a wonderful look.

While tile is most commonly used in homes as a floor covering, you can see that it has many other uses around the house as well. These are only a few of the many decorative possibilities for tile. Because of how functionally practical this material is and because of the extensive styles of tile available, spend time examining all of the possibilities for using tile in your home.

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